Our accessories are hand made with the finest materials.


Doodlebug Duds is a home based business started out of our love for our pets and making them comfy goodies. Patty and Sayde Kelly have been at Portland Saturday Market for 20 years now. Our daughter Gerty Mae Kelly is 13 years old. She has learned how to sew on her own and does a lot of fundraising for spaying and neutering of your pets. She is quite the young lady and we couldn't be more proud. We love to make items for your pets that are snuggly and warm, fun and functional.

We wrote a book called "Oils to the Rescue."  It is a guide to using essential oils for your pets.  We teach people how to safely use essential oils for humans and pets.  Sayde went to school and is now certified in Animal Massage and Energy work.  If you are interested in essential oils or animal massage please contact us at teamdoodleoils@gmail.com


We make custom items and work with Panda Paws Rescue to help meet their needs. We adopted a little guy named Fluffy Shark from them at the end of 2012. Here is his little story. Hi my name is Fluffy Shark and I am a yorkie. I was saved by Amanda Panda from Panda Paws Rescue. The doctors and her performed an emergency C-section on my mom, and I wasn't breathing when I was born. Also my mom and dad are brother and sister, by the way. So, Amanda had to resuscitate me for ten minutes until I could finally breath on my own. My three sisters died. Amanda then fed me by dripping milk down her finger and tube feeding me. She says I "ate like a shark" and I am extremely fluffy hence the name "Fluffy Shark" I also got some serum from my good pal Mane who is an extremely large Mastiff that is owned by Amanda. Sometimes when I am feeling ultra tough I call myself a mastiff. I started to grow and grow all the while being nestled in Amanda's sport bra for warmth and a heart beat. 
 Our pack : Patty, Sayde, Gerty, Delyla (basset hound), Cherry (chiweeny) fluffy Shark (little handsome yorkie man) and 2 cats named OC and Tickles. We hope you enjoy our adventures and our fundraising projects. Thank you for making all of this possible!!If you would like to contact us please email us. info@doodlebugduds.com